UKOER synthesis and evaluation project

This project provided objective, ongoing evaluation and synthesis of the HEFCE funded pilot programme which was run in collaboration between the Higher Education Academy and JISC through three linked activities:

  • A framework tool provided a strong foundation and common language for collating data from projects. The framework allows us to structure our interventions with projects, and was also used a means of evaluating the ‘openness’ of their outcomes. The framework was developed in collaboration with both projects and the support teams during the pilot phase of the programme.
  • Evaluation activities which address how different communities and cultures are progressing towards openness in their shared practice. These utilise mixed methods to examine social, technical, pedagogical and legal / organisational issues, and provide a synthesis account detailing barriers and opportunities for change.
  • The synthesis reports include recommendations to funders and to the stakeholders represented in the programme, and a versions of the framework tool for use by the sector to audit progress towards more open practices around educational resources.

Project team for three phases of UKOER

Led by Glasgow Caledonian University



with help and support from


Consultant contributing to HEFCE OER Review

Dr Jay Dempster

Synthesis and Evaluation Frameworks

Several different frameworks have been used to support project evaluation and synthesis of key messages and evidence

The most current version (Phase 3) of this is UKOER phase 3 evaluation framework

This has been incorporated into an EvaluationToolkit to support project evaluation activities and final synthesis

Resources to support projects

The team have produced a range of guidance documents to support projects as well as links to useful sources available elsewhere