UKOER evaluation toolkit

Guide to making the most of this Toolkit

Video demonstration on youtube

There are three routes into the interactive toolkit – Use the mechanism that suits you and your project best

You only need to select one of these

Key focus areas

Four web pages

Culture & Practice

Releasing & Using OERs

Processes for Sustainability

Impact & Benefits

We have looked at your evaluation questions and have mapped them on to our key focus areas but if you think you have questions which don’t fit these then add the questions, your findings and links to your evidence in this form

Key themes

Browsing approach  – using visual mind maps through Programme Themes

download pdf guide to using UKOER3 spicynodes

go to interactivespicynodes map

Key themes alternative

For those who cannot use Flash but would like to explore the themes through web pages please use

Themes Evaluation pages

Systematic approach

one wiki page with the whole framework

UKOER phase 3 evaluation framework

Resources to support evaluation