UKOER Pilot phase strand synthesis

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These three strand frameworks were developed from the generic framework and mapped to each of the projects in that strand. These were shared with projects and many projects used them to map their activities and final outcomes and outputs. These stand frameworks fed back into the generic framework and also in the final Pilot programme synthesis framework

Strand frameworks and summaries

The pages below contain detailed synthesis for each strand. The pages were used by the team to draw together the main report summaries. There is a lot of detail and some rich content. The pages were used as a working tool to pull together strand lessons and outputs. All three strands were mapped to the Generic Framework to aid final synthesis, but it is important to note that these were developed by three separate people who each took an individual approach to synthesis and do not mirror each other directly. They were not intended to be read in the same way as the report pages but are presented here for transparency and for anyone who is interested in more detail.